Future-proof your newsroom

Built from the ground up, Superdesk is an extensible end-to-end news production, curation and distribution platform

Enhance quality, productivity and your competitive advantage by introducing this new code base for journalism to your business. We grow relationships, not just technology.

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  • Own your workflows

    Superdesk workflows are created and controlled by your journalists, not imposed on them by the technology.


    Create, edit and curate your content in one place, then output it in many formats and to many places at the same time. 

  • Open source freedom

    Superdesk source code is yours to customise; to integrate with existing systems or to add novel features.

  • Features

    Learn more about how Superdesk will benefit your newsroom.
  • Get involved

    Join the Superdesk developer community and become a contributor.
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    Want to use Superdesk in your newsroom? Let us walk you through it.

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