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Superdesk is a state-of-the-art digital newsroom system. It combines headless CMS functionality with powerful workflow features for an end-to-end news creation, production, curation and distribution platform. Built alongside journalists in the newsroom, it has a modular, API-centric design that enables news organisations to add and adapt the functionality most relevant to their business. Superdesk is open-source web-based newsroom software that integrates easily with legacy systems as well as third-party applications. Today, in the work-from-home era, newsrooms can take advantage of Superdesk's secure authentication options and customisable access for freelancers.

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Whether you run a global media empire, publish a custom newsletter or are just embarking on digital publishing, Superdesk is for you. While Superdesk was designed with the specific needs of news agencies in mind, it is not only for large-scale newsrooms. If your newsletter turns into a multi-channel subscription news service, Superdesk will scale with your enterprise. No matter the publishing environment, your writers and editors will use the same intuitive, lightweight CMS tools and interfaces for creating, editing and distributing content ranging from text articles to multimedia packages.

  • Integrate existing systems
  • Take advantage of flexible content templates
  • Get peace of mind with a proven solution that is running the operations of newsrooms around the world
  • Streamline newsroom production processes
  • Intuitively create new products and services
  • Curate text and multimedia assets
  • Search and package content easily with metadata
  • Create a content item once and distribute it to multiple platforms, automatically adjusting the delivery format
  • Manage access with fine-grained user roles
  • Set up workflows for hybrid and remote teams

Get ahead with our digital newsroom software The newsroom management features of Superdesk deliver a competitive advantage

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State of the art open-source headless CMS Publish your future success story with a digital-native news management system

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Impact of Superdesk Our open-source headless CMS is delivering content to news agencies, publishers and their customers around the world.

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