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Find out which new features and functions are coming to the next releases of our award-winning headless CMS Superdesk right here on our roadmap page.

Planned for Superdesk 2.7

Enhancements to the Planning component
  • Multilingual planning capabilities. With this major change to the backend, editors will be able to create one planning item and present it to users in multiple languages, speeding up planning processes in multilingual newsrooms.
  • Coverage item view filtered by owner. Editors will be able to quickly see assignments by the task owner.
  • Better assignment view. In addition to the filtering changes, the UI will be updated to offer quick visual clues of what coverages are assigned and to whom, and what has yet to be assigned. When a coverage is assigned, user initials will appear next to the task. Unassigned coverages will be marked with a 'Plus' sign.

Target release date: Q3 2023

Television Integration

Broadcasting component. Built for television newsrooms, this update will enable the creation and management of show rundowns, which outline TV production elements and reflect upcoming and planned TV broadcasts.


Target release date: Q3 2023

Content profiles for additional news items

Superdesk offers content profiles for content types other than standard articles, such as events and planning items as well as media items such as videos and images. Previously, these profiles had to be manually configured for each client, but this new functionality will be built into the standard version of Superdesk.


Target release date: Q3 2023

Planned for future versions

Right to Left Language Capability

By moving components to React.js, Superdesk will become available in languages that read right to left, such as Arabic.

Planned for Superdesk Newshub 2.5

Advanced search

With this UX improvement, users will be able to create powerful searches targeting specific fields of an article, and make use of classic boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT. This intuitive UI will enable even non-experts to make full use of the powerful Elastic search engine.


Target release date: Q3 2023

Topic management improvements

Newshub helps news clients locate articles relevant to their interests, and the current version makes it easy to save topic searches and be alerted when new articles that meet these criteria are published. Now, power users will be able to organise their topics into specific folders, and easily see the notification status for new articles.


Target release date: Q3 2023

Personalized Dashboard

With Newshub’s Dashboard, users will find a selection of content curated by the editorial team of the news agency. With this new feature, users will be able to build their own personalized Dashboard based on their topics of interest.


Target release date: Q3 2023

Impersonation feature

To improve customer service, Newshub admins will now be able to login on behalf of the user to help identify and solve problems.


Target release date: Q3 2023

Planned for future versions

Improved notifications

Notifications can be scheduled or delivered immediately with this new feature, giving clients more options in how they monitor content availability.


Target release date: Q4 2023

Wish List

Though these features aren’t currently on our roadmap for Superdesk, they would add useful functions to the system. If you might be interested in co-developing them with us, please get in touch.

Offline editing

This feature will allow editors and journalists to continue writing articles without any internet connection. Once the internet connection is restored, content will automatically be updated and saved.

Mobile-friendly Superdesk

A lighter-weight, simplified version of the Superdesk editorial interface, this is aimed at facilitating collaboration among freelancers working with news organisations as well as staff reporters who are physically outside the newsroom and filing their stories from a mobile device.

Knowledge base

Create a custom database of the terms used most often in your organisation. Whether it’s a glossary of specialised words, or consists of references to certain people or places, having your own knowledge base in Superdesk will improve the consistency of your content and the efficiency of your workflows.

Enhancing the packaging feature

As part of improving image handling in Superdesk more broadly, this would be a specific enhancement for packages containing image galleries and specific media items. The workflow for creating and publishing a package would be redesigned around specific newsroom requirements.

Infographic management

Based on metadata, this would enable media items containing infographics to be indexed independent of the particular file or media type (png, jpg, JS, embeds, ai).

Rights management

This functionality would help publishers and news agencies manage both rights-based limitations to the geographical usage of news items as well as time-based restrictions for the usage of images and videos.

Photo desk

This would improve the handling of pictures in Superdesk with regard to type of media and publishing needs.

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