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A New Look for Superdesk 2.6

A New Look for Superdesk 2.6
A New Look for Superdesk 2.6

Superdesk is going dark. To help users reduce eye strain, version 2.6 of our awarding winning open-source CMS for newsrooms is equipped with “dark mode,” a color scheme that uses light-colored text, icons, and graphical elements on a dark background. When current users update their Superdesk instance, the dark mode option will automatically be installed.

“Looking at a white screen all day isn’t great for the eyes, and having the dark theme toggle will make work more comfortable for users,” said Vladimir Stefanović, Sourcefabric’s head of design and Superdesk’s lead UI developer.

Introducing Superdesk dark mode
Introducing Superdesk dark mode(Photo: Gregory Bruno)Copyrights Sourcefabic

Superdesk is also working to improve accessibility. Predefined themes – such as high contrast color schemes and larger font sizes for certain elements – will make it easier for users with impaired vision to navigate.

“We recently refactored the UI framework and switched to CSS variables to define the styles and values of our UI elements,” said Stefanović. “This will make it easier to ensure consistency and avoid duplication of code. It also allows us to approach the creation of new themes for Superdesk in a more flexible and efficient way. This is especially important for making Superdesk accessible to all users. The dark theme is just a small step into this direction.”

Other updates in version 2.6 include:

  • Auto-ingests and auto-routing to Newshub, our customer-facing news portal. With this update, Superdesk can now fetch event and planning items from external calendars – such as the Onclusive News & Events Forward Planner – and push them directly to Newshub, improving efficiency for planning editors.
  • New look and layout for user profile menu. To ease navigation of personal preferences and privileges, we’ve separated the “Profile” and “Notifications” menus. Now, a bell icon on the upper right of the console serves as the menu for user notifications, and personal user settings can be accessed by clicking the user’s avatar.

“At the end of the day, these changes are all about giving users the best experience possible,” said Gideon Lehmann, a Superdesk project manager. “Whether it’s improving the workflow, removing redundancy, or streamlining the look and feel of the software, every tweak we make has the end user in mind.”

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