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Introducing Superdesk Publisher: The Next Generation in Publishing Software

Superdesk Publisher's intuitive dashboard
Superdesk Publisher's intuitive dashboard

Superdesk Publisher is the latest content management system extension to join the Sourcefabric family of digital newsroom tools.

From multi-channel publishing to managing multiple websites, Superdesk Publisher gives editors more flexibility and control over their content. It is designed to work natively with our newsroom software Superdesk, which already powers content creation, production, distribution and curation at media businesses such as global news agencies and newspapers. Superdesk Publisher can adapt to and work with any compatible API, along with legacy newsroom tools.

Superdesk Publisher has been built by the same team that created and maintained Newscoop, Sourcefabric’s original software for digital newsrooms. We will no longer be developing Newscoop as of September 2017, although the code based on the same licence will remain available to be forked.  

Now we are pleased to take the evolution of our open source newsroom software forward with Superdesk Publisher. Here are some of the benefits you can expect with this new publishing tool:

Distributed Content

The advent of Superdesk Publisher truly makes it possible to “Create Once, Publish Everywhere.” This new platform publishes multimedia content across multiple output channels including websites, apps, outdoor displays, and social media platforms such as Facebook. Furthermore, it allows simultaneous, centralised monitoring and management of all media assets, giving you the real-time, multi-tenancy overview you need in order to ensure optimum performance. This makes Superdesk Publisher ideal for media organisations that deal with multiple outputs, platforms, and channels on a regular basis.

Superdesk Publisher gif 2
Create once, publish everywhere

Improved Editorial Workflow 

Our new software enables the rapid development of new websites and digital layouts independently from back-end systems. This way, you can continue to improve and adapt your content to new formats without any disruption to your editorial workflows.

Once you’ve added Superdesk Publisher to your toolbox, it simply needs to be configured to allow setting up one or more websites. When you set up a new website, it actually means that you’re defining routes, creating navigation menus (whose menu items are linked to these routes), and creating content lists. Publisher is built to work with any News API feed and can be used as a solution for output formats such as WordPress-created content, a custom CMS, or other feeds that you subscribe to from any number of providers.

If you use Superdesk Publisher together with Superdesk, you will have control over a Website Management GUI that integrates seamlessly into the Superdesk workspace. From there, you can manage one or many websites (or, more generally, output channels) with as many tenants as you want.

Superdesk Publisher gif 1
Manage all of your output channels in a simple and intuitive dashboard


Custom Widgets 

Superdesk Publisher also comes equipped with all the latest embeds and custom widgets for your webpages. Some examples include: newsletter signup forms, social media components (such as a page widget or comments widget), a simple HTML function with your own custom HTML rendered-by widget, or even one for our very own Airtime player.

Editors can even create their own widgets themselves without specialised technical knowledge -- or support from IT. Superdesk Publisher gives editors full creative control over the management and display of their content. That’s what we call publishing success.

Want more details? Have a look at the Publisher documentation to find out how our new open-source publishing tool works.

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