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Made for today’s digital newsrooms, Superdesk Publisher delivers multimedia content through a variety of channels, providing content management and monitoring from a single point of editorial control.

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Multi-channel publishing

Whether you’re sending articles to your own website, social media platforms or a mobile app, Superdesk Publisher serves as a central dashboard to route and manage content flow to all of your media assets. Your overview of content is continuously updated in real time throughout its lifecycle.

Multi-tenant architecture

Manage multiple websites or output channels with ease from a single Superdesk Publisher instance. Designed for optimal workflow efficiency at large media organisations with numerous publications in their portfolio, Publisher performs equally powerfully at smaller news outlets looking to expand into new platforms.

Flexible themes, responsive and adaptive designs

Expand your creative options with website themes and custom enhancements based on the Twig templating engine. With built-in support for delivering the appropriate themes to different screen sizes and devices, Superdesk Publisher gives an instant boost to your mobile strategy.

Automatic and manual curation

Slice and dice your content using news industry standards-compliant metadata tools for automated publication across your assets, but intervene manually at any time to manage and tweak some or all of your content lists and ordering.


  • API-based design

    Plug Superdesk Publisher into any newsroom software. It’s a native extension of Superdesk and integrates easily with custom site management tools, too.

  • Social platform support

    Distribute your content easily, with built-in integration for Facebook Instant Articles and Accelerated Mobile Pages publishing.

  • Website design made simple

    Superdesk Publisher gives editors creative control of their web properties with live site management on the front end, without any need for developers to get involved.

  • Integrated widget support

    Flexible content layouts let editors add or remove functionality to a page on the fly, either by adding widgets from an available library or by creating new ones.

  • Lightweight and flexible

    Superdesk Publisher is a PHP 7 renderer for HTTP-pushed content in HTML/CSS/JavaScript templates that runs on a standard web server or in a Docker container.

  • Secure and centralised

    Log, audit and test HTTP requests from a single point, thanks to Superdesk Publisher’s built-in support for reverse proxy caching.

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For more information about Superdesk Publisher and its use cases, see our documentation.

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