Superdesk in ones and zeros

Open source media management for news agencies and media organisations that’s built to be robust and flexible.

Technologies employed in Superdesk

Superdesk, at its core, is a server written in Python using the Flask microframework with ReSTful APIs developed in Python-Eve. MongoDB is the main storage, searched/indexed by Elasticsearch.

Client-side, it’s an AngularJS single-page application and the UI uses some React components. Tasks and messaging use Celery and RabbitMQ. Superdesk is maintained on GitHub, where you may examine all the technologies/dependencies of the full stack. Superdesk is licensed under the GNU AGPL version 3

Download and examine the Superdesk source code or experiment with it.

Current release page on GitHub

Interested in developing for Sourcefabric?

We like to hear from developers interested in what we do, and Superdesk is just part of that. Much of our work is pro bono and tailored for use by independent media and community groups in the developing world or post-conflict countries and regions.

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