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Superdesk 2.3: Your Next Newsroom Management System

Superdesk 2.3
Superdesk 2.3

Europeans are known for taking it easy during the summer, and August is typically downtime for families across the continent. Not for the Sourcefabric family. This summer, we were busy with improvements to our award-winning open-source newsroom management software, sprucing it up for your return to the office. 

One of our biggest tasks this summer was polishing up and releasing Superdesk 2.3 with a number of adjustments to make your editorial workflow even more efficient. Here are the highlights:

Single desk view for Masterdesk

The first version of the Masterdesk provided users – such as managing editors and copy chiefs – an overview of activity across all Desks. Now, with the single Desk view, users can peer with more granularity into a specific Desk to view stages and stories, users and assignments.

Masterdesk 1
Masterdesk 1(Photo: Gregory Bruno)Copyrights Sourcefabic

On the Desk overview page, a user is presented with the option to switch to the single Desk view of a specific Desk by clicking on the header of the corresponding Desk column. In the navigation bar of the Masterdesk, users now see the name of the selected Desk and can select from the pull down menu to review that specific Desk’s activity – such as incoming stories, or stories currently being written or edited. In other words, with these changes, users can see who is working on what in every Desk, and where in the editorial workflow a particular piece of content is.

Masterdesk 2
Masterdesk 2(Photo: Gregory Bruno)Copyrights Sourcefabic

Other changes

A few other updates are designed to streamline newsroom operations. For instance, we’ve made it easier for editors to create new planning items and associated coverages from inside the Planning Component. When scheduling an Event for your newsroom to cover, the related “Coverages” – such as the text story, photos, or videos – can be assigned directly from within the Event template itself. 

Planning coverages from an Event
Planning coverages from an Event(Photo: Gregory Bruno)Copyrights Sourcefabic

Finally, editors can now easily resend media files with stories when publishing an update or correction. In the past, text and photo files were treated separately, and if the corrected item had an image attached, editors would have to spend time locating it in the system before publishing the correction. The updates to version 2.3 mean this will no longer be necessary.

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