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Another Step on the Superdesk Journey: Version 2.2

Introducing Superdesk 2.2
Introducing Superdesk 2.2

While one-tenth of a marathon is barely a jog, a one-tenth stride in the development of software can be a significant step forward. Our newest version of Superdesk – from 2.1 to 2.2 – is a case in point. 

Last week, we officially released Superdesk 2.2 into the wild (rollouts to clients are now being scheduled). Among the changes in this version is a system to manage attachments; integration with iMatrics, an automated keyword tagging tool; and enhancements to our Superdesk Planning Component, which newsroom editors around the world use to plan their editorial coverage.

In our steady race toward software perfection, every step counts. Here’s what the new features mean for your newsroom’s Superdesk journey:

Superdesk Asset Management System (SAMS)

To improve asset management within Superdesk, we created SAMS, which facilitates repeat use of story add-ons – like documents in PDF format – within the CMS. Prior to this upgrade, which functions via a plugin between SAMS and Superdesk, attachments could only be linked to a single story (for instance, an arrest record for an article about a corrupt politician). To use those attachments again on another story down the road, editors needed to store the material elsewhere and re-upload it every time.

SAMS solves this problem. Similar to an FTP server, SAMS accommodates any file type for storage and retrieval within Superdesk itself. 

Rollout of iMatrics integration

Already part of the 2.1 release for NTB, our partner news agency in Norway, this feature gives newsrooms everywhere using Superdesk the ability to distribute their coverage with more precision. Using an API, Superdesk connects with iMatrics, an automated keyword tagging tool, to evaluate text and tag articles with categories, people, places, organisations, events, objects, topics, and more. Part of a larger metadata project at NTB, the Superdesk-iMatrics integration was designed to improve newsroom efficiency, increase content relevancy, enhance SEO, lead to better referrals, and help target and distribute content with more precision. 

Planning Component enhancements

Another time saver in 2.1 is the easy export of events from the Superdesk Planning Component. Now, editors at news organisations that sell content to clients – like news agencies – can create filters for event types (like meetings, sporting events, or press conferences) and schedule the delivery of these coverage plans automatically. In the past, planning editors would have had to do all of this manually.

Additionally, 2.2 includes accessibility improvements for the vision-impaired with header and function labels for screen readers, and is also fully optimised for multilingual newsrooms (such as The Canadian Press, a Superdesk client that operates in English and French).

For Superdesk and the Superdesk suite of software, even incremental developments and efficiency gains can mean big things for your newsroom. Drop us a line to learn how our best-in-class newsroom management software can help set the pace for your editorial strategy. 

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