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Improve Your SEO with PWA

Improve Your SEO with PWA
Improve Your SEO with PWA

For digital publishers, content has always been king. Filling a website with authoritative, trustworthy content was the key not only to winning readers but also to ranking well in Google search.

That is about to change.

Starting in May 2021, Google’s algorithm will use more technical measures to decide how to rank a website in search results, especially how quickly and completely a page loads on mobile devices, as well as how responsive it is to user interaction.

In this world where speed and mobile-first are the new rules, having a website built as a progressive web app (PWA) will be a big advantage for digital publishers. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. PWA websites load and respond much faster than traditional websites
  2. PWA technology makes websites look and feel like mobile apps for users
  3. PWA websites don’t need an internet connection to work

Earlier this year, we added PWA support to Superdesk Publisher, the native “head” built for publishing with Superdesk as a headless CMS. That means that any new Publisher project will have PWA rendering as an option by default. A PWA website provides digital publishers with the equivalent of a mobile app as well as instant SEO optimisation.

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