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Why media organisations assign their developers to work with us

Superdesk is developed in partnership with media organisations worldwide, including such national news agency heavyweights as Australian Associated Press (AAP) and Norway's Norsk Telegrambyrå (NTB) where it is in live production. The software is available for anyone to use - and adapt, configure or enhance for their organisation’s particular needs - but Superdesk development partners have a first-mover advantage. 

They help to steer the wider project, having a say in prioritising the product roadmap and, as a result, modules and functionality to which they contribute developers are tailor-made for their business needs from the first iteration.

And here’s another thing ...

Your developers deserve a better deal: they maintain and tweak systems for your business, but it would be far more efficient if they knew the code inside out - and if they’ve been involved in writing it, they’ll know it better than anyone. 

Pity, also, developers whose business expects them to change or add functionality to proprietary systems. This happens all the time. However, they have no access to the code, so will be building external bolt-ons and workarounds. 

That’s another problem with closed-source code: no one in your business can edit it, unless you can reverse-engineer the product and you are happy to breach your software licence. Before long, you end up with a patchwork of systems built in-house and clustered around your expensive proprietary software.

If you’ve ever wondered how a media organisation can spend tens of millions of dollars on a newsroom system, only to have to throw it out three years down the line and start from scratch, that scenario is a big part of it. Media technology evolves rapidly, so why buy built-in obsolescence.

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