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What Superdesk is:

End-to-end news creation, production, curation and distribution platform. API-driven open source news management tool. Built for journalists by journalists.

What Superdesk does:

  • Ingest
  • Creation
  • Archiving
  • Distribution
  • Management and structure of workflows
  • Editorial communications

Why Superdesk:

  • Fast and lightweight, because it’s web-based
  • Powerful thanks to built-in MongoDB and Elastic search
  • Proven, by running the newsrooms of national news agencies, from Australia to Norway
  • Flexible open source code base that can be easily configured and extended
  • Forward-looking, with an API-first approach that lets you create once, and publish anywhere

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I really appreciate the support I get from my partners at Sourcefabric. The migration of our news site to Superdesk Publisher was done with careful scoping and continual attention to our needs and goals. Not only is the design functional, but it also delivers a beautiful experience to our readers.

Leonardo Attuch
Leonardo Attuch Editor-in-chief, Brasil 247

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