Superdesk in the newsroom

Publishing software made for digital journalism. Bring together contributors, content and new storytelling formats as they emerge.

Newsroom technology that journalists want and businesses need

Welcome to Superdesk, your multimedia, digital newsroom.

Check  in on sports and see what your reporters and photographers are filing now. Cast your eye over news, or features, and see which trending topics have been covered by Reuters, AFP or whichever feeds you subscribe to. (In Superdesk, you can even turn emails sent by regular sources, such as the police or fire services, into an newsroom automation "feed".)

Consult with your news editor and review the news lists and running orders. Check out the latest data project to emerge from your finance team.

This isn’t a physical newsroom, it’s the digital expression of one, so you do all of this from your chair. Your world news editor can be on the other side of the planet and yet still be at their desk pitching you a story for the lead.

Superdesk is for journalists who like their workflows done their way. It’s for journalists who have always wanted the ability to alter their work in order  to respond to breaking news, without having to fill out IT change requests.

Need a new desk on the fly for an election or special event? No problem! With Superdesk, you can set one up yourself and define a unique workflow for it. Are your production editors asking for changes about what information they see in workspaces? Good - because in Superdesk every journalist can create their own, custom workspaces. Personal dictionaries for every journalist? Absolutely.

If journalists could code, this is what they would write. We know this because we work with them to develop Superdesk.

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